Four Reasons to Visit xkzero at Sage Summit 2014

We are particularly excited about Sage Summit this year. We have a few new things to show you, so come on by booth #414. A lot of hard work goes into developing amazing apps and integrations for Sage ERP systems, so it’s great when we are able to get them in front of ERP users and Sage Software VARs. So, with that in mind, I’d like point out four reasons you should visit xkzero at Sage Summit (booth #414) this year:


Still frame from our xkzero Mobile Commerce video


You may have heard this, but we launched xkzero Mobile Commerce last month at Interbev 2014. It’s an incredible new iPhone app that makes DSD, distribution and information gathering (competitive, operational, or otherwise strategic) super easy. While it was designed for Sage ERP X3, its flexible framework allows it to work with other ERP systems just as seamlessly. It’ll be great for you to see it first hand at Summit, and I encourage you to watch the 90 second video beforehand.

Pick up a cool new bottle koozie and enter to win an iPad Air (booth #414)!


So, there’s this popular mobile sales and service app called iSales 100. We’ll have an exciting “3″ announcement about it and have many things to show you. If you are interested in mobilizing your sales and service teams (and getting mobile business intelligence), stop on by!

Did I mention stopping by booth #414 to grab a bottle koozie and a chance to win an iPad Air!?

Also, Paul will be speaking at one of the Thought Leadership Theaters at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The session is called “Why mobile, why now? A decision maker’s guide to business success.” Didn’t sign up yet? You’ll have to settle for standing room only.



Recommending Mobile ERP Sales – Recognizing Industry Differences


If you are an ERP software consultant or VAR you will increasingly be asked to provide guidance for mobile sales applications.  So it’s important to have a good point of reference for your client and prospect needs, because as Deloitte says in a recent publication: “The bottom line on mobile commerce is this: If you don’t do it, someone else will.”

If you want to know who among your customers may benefit most from mobile ERP sales apps start by identifying clients in industries with a history using mobile technologies and engage in conversations with them about what they would expect from modern mobile ERP sales apps.  By simply reaching out to certain types of clients you will learn much about how mobility can make a difference in increasing sales, winning new business and improving the profits of a distribution – centric business.

Companies who have historically invested in mobile sales apps include Food & Beverage, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Uniform and Linen Supply, Pharmaceutical Supply, Medical Supply, Office Supply, Building / Industrial Supply and so on.  Keep in mind that many of these businesses are using legacy applications with limited integration and flexibility, and usually are running hardware that is either obsolete or very expensive to replace.

Once you are into this process you will find varying needs depending on micro-vertical industries. Food can mean a lot – but if you are in bread/baking the needs of those companies will differ from those delivering ice cream or other frozen products.  Companies selling coffee will have different concerns from those selling beer, wine and spirits. If you are selling water, your needs will be different from those selling snack foods. And so on.

Need help differentiating what might be important to one industry over another?  Contact xkzero for a mobile sales needs requirements

See you out there.

Paul Ziliak, co-founder, xkzero


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