Turn “No Order” Into a Positive Experience

No Order - No Problem.

No Order – No Problem.

You hire, train and deploy a team of professional sales people to be out on the streets to produce one thing above all elsenew customer orders.

Reality sometimes gets in the way, though and often enough your route sales/pre-sales team will return indicating there is “No Order”‘ for a number of customers. Obviously that is not the desired outcome, but there are ways you can turn “No Order” into a positive outcome for your businessand your customer. Here’s how:

  • Track Every Customer Interaction. Every time you receive “No Order,” you should record that in your system, the same as you would any other transaction. When the customer orders nothing there is something to be learned, just as when an actual sale occurs.
  • Geo-track Your Transactions. Modern smart phone applications can tell you if your sales rep was actually at the customer site when “No Order” was indicated. Having a geo-coded app can certainly improve that sort of accountability.
  • Save Money. Tracking “No Order” may result in a new schedule for visiting your customers. Better coordinating these times can result in improved labor efficiency, reduced fuel costs, route and territory consolidation, or other operational gains.
  • Improve Customer Relations. Tracking “No Order” in a systematic way can help you better your customer relationships. The result will be a schedule more aligned with their goals, a more effective product mix on the shelves, and an improved understanding of the preferences of your customers and their shoppers.

You are likely to discover that by diligently recording “No Order” transactions, the ultimate outcome may very well be more new orders!


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