Webinar: Mastering Direct Store Delivery for Food & Bev with Sage ERP X3

Deliver sales and profits

Deliver sales and profits

Mastering Direct Store Delivery for Food & Bev with Sage ERP X3

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Friday, March 20, 2015 at 11:00 am CDT.

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The Direct Store Delivery (DSD) segment of the food and beverage market is full of great companies who are limited by unnecessarily inefficient processes. Potentially unseen bottlenecks like truck loading, driver scheduling, customer routing, and the inability to perform transactions on location–like deliveries, returns, returns, credits, exchanges and payments–can limit the growth of these otherwise innovative companies.

Learn how to win new food and beverage manufacturing and distribution deals with Sage ERP X3 and xkzero Mobile Commerce–a combination that turns these operational limitations into great competitive advantages.

Find out how to supercharge your food and beverage marketing campaign by integrating a market-defining solution to automate route sales, deliveries, inventory controls, mobile payment acceptance and more into your processes.

In this Webinar, you will learn about these key points:

  • How grocers value direct store delivery
  • How comprehensive in-store automation works
  • Benefits of DSD
  • Best-fit industries for DSD
  • Back-office ERP benefits

The event will also include a high-level overview of the ways xkzero Mobile Commerce would be used by both an administrator and a driver/sales rep, and include use-case examples of the unique intelligence gathering features of geo-coding, photo-enablement, and more.

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xkzero is a Chicago-based software company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people work.   We believe that people perform best when they are confident, informed, and have a high level of trust in the tools they use. xkzero builds solutions designed for the best possible user experience, engineered in a flexible way to accommodate the needs of each individual and we adapt to the precise business rules that can vary industry by industry, company by company.

xkzero can help you discover a whole new dimension of selling, operations and business intelligence. We focus on the way your people interact with customers and suppliers, and interact with each other. We can help you change the way your business processes and reports business activity as it happens.

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No Brainer Reason #1 to Justify a Mobile ERP Sales App

By Paul Ziliak, co-founder xkzero



No brainer Reason #1 justifying a mobile ERP sales app might not even immediately jump to most people’s mind:

  • Be able to assign a new territory to a sales rep, then in minutes have them download an app, login, and instantly have all of their customers and contacts, complete with phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses right at their fingertips.  This is preferable to assigning the territory, then have the rep spend weeks or even months manually cobbling together an address book on their phone–and hoping they keyed everything accurately.

If you are a sales rep en route to visit a client, there’s a chance that you could get stuck behind a pile-up on the highway or encounter other unforeseen circumstances that have you running late. With a mobile sales app, there’s no need to have a heart attack wondering if the client’s (correct) phone number is in your address book, though. Staying calm is important! Remember, a confident salesperson is a successful salesperson!

Businesswoman in a hurry