Why you should have a mobile sales app for your business

Not a fax machine, price sheet or product catalog in site.

No fax machine, price sheet or product catalog in sight.


Does your current sales process include a fax machine, pre-printed forms (multi-part forms!), printed product catalogues, or price sheets? If you can get past the competition and land a sale using with such antiquated tools, do you have to pass along the order to a customer service rep to re-enter the data into your order management system?

The above scenario almost sounds silly these days. The simple reason you should have a mobile sales app for your business is because it makes the whole process more convenient. Every step of the way.

Using a mobile sales app, your company ends up with a better-informed workforce that is more confidently equipped to do business with whomever, whenever—whereever. Mobile sales apps not only accelerate your supply chain, which gets you paid faster, but they also reduce administrative costs.

You may ask, “If I spend money on a mobile app, how can I be sure it’s more convenient than current tools?” Valid question. Think about it for a minute. Consider the role of the smart phone in your personal life. Why do we rely so much on our mobile devices? We use a smart phone because it is the most convenient way to access information these days.

Using a mobile device from any location sure beats waiting until you’re hunkered down at the office, at a designated desk, on a computer.

In our personal lives we turn to our smart phones for content and data like music, Facebook, Instagram, photos, email, Draft Kings, YouTube, Twitter, and texting. We look up maps and restaurant menus, order tickets for sporting events and concerts, compare prices at local and online merchants, register for personal enrichment classes and college courses—and even access children’s grades and homework assignments.

It’s about content and data. Real, live business data that you can access and on which you can take action on immediately. Interact with customers and the back office, about really important stuff—like closing new business or serving a customer. Do all of this right from the phone in your pocket or purse.

So, when you ask the question about the convenience of a mobile device, really think about it. Consider how much more efficient your sales and customer service team can be when they are empowered with rich information about your customers right in their pockets, too.

Your team will be able to quickly access content like how much a customer owes. They’ll have access to data about shipments-in-transit, and orders you owe customers. They can smartly respond to opportunities to quote a prospect. Or respond to a customer who wants to know if such and so product is in stock. They’ll be able to provide customer pricing. They can show off a product photo, or provide specs on the fly.

On a more exciting level, would it be great to be ready to accept a customer payment from any location?

Our smart phones provide all kinds of ways to interact with our friends, family and conduct personal business. But when it comes to your business, shouldn’t your smart phone be doing more for you and your customers?

Smart phone. Smart sales team.






iSales 100 Resources for Mobile Distributor Sales Automation


Advanced Mobile Sales Apps for Distribution – Resource Guide

This resource page is designed to provide you a one-stop location to learn how to use iSales 100 (advanced mobile sales automation for distributor needs) to not only improve customer service and establish your distribution business as the most modern in your industry, but also to grow your business and your profits.

A great mobile sales solution starts when you and your team are confident that your solution will 1) meet and exceed your business objectives 2) create a great user and customer experience and 3) provide a high level of reliability and supportability.

Need additional resources or looking for more information on how iSales 100 can help your business?  Contact us at info@xkzero.com, call 847-416-2009 or visit www.xkzero.com.

Useful iSales 100 (Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100) Resources:

Need additional resources or looking for more information on how iSales 100 can help your business?  Contact us at info@xkzero.com, call 847-416-2009 or visit www.xkzero.com.

iSales 100

4 Things Distributors Can Do with Mobile Sales Apps

Distributors benefit from mobile sales automation

Great value awaits for distributors with mobile sales apps

Here are some things to look for in your mobile apps along with some practical ways a wholesale distributor might use them.

How Can Distributors Use Mobile Sales Apps?

  • Address book. You need to start somewhere. Think about the amount of time one single sales person spends adding customer contacts to their smart phone. With a mobile sales app, accessing a complete–and accurate–address book is just a login and password away. Let your competitors have their sales reps tediously entering account address, phone and email information, spending dozens, perhaps hundreds of hours manually keying the stuff in. Your mobile app should automatically work with the device’s calendar, email and phone–and because it’s integrated with your ERP system, sales reps will never have to worry about keeping the data current.
  • Price catalog. Better yet, an illustrated price catalog. If your ERP system already contains an image associated with an item then your mobile app should be able to display that along with pricing – and even warehouse quantities available. Historically distributors published a catalog once, maybe twice per year. With your new ERP-driven price and product catalog your sales reps will be able to keep themselves and your customers up-to-the-minute current.
  • Order and history inquiry. Now we’re getting into the good stuff. If you are an outside sales rep or executive, how cool would it be to prepare for your next meeting by looking at all of the open activity and past history for a customer right before you meet with them? Knowledge is power, and the informed sales rep is a confident sales rep. A confident sales rep closes deals.
  • Place Orders. Or at least produce price quotes. The well equipped mobile salesperson can enter all of the details of a quote or an order and close the deal right on the spot. You may even wish to capture the signature of the customer or accept their payment. Why is this important? By getting the order now you can 1) accelerate delivery 2) establish yourself as a modern company that others want to do business with 3) ensure accuracy 4) beat the competition to the punch.

At xkzero, we believe that people perform best when they are confident, informed, and have a high level of trust in the tools they use. Maybe it’s time for your wholesale distribution business to start gearing up with mobile apps. If your ERP data tells the story of your customers and your inventory, shouldn’t you equip your team to have that information in their pockets?

Resources to learn more about the most powerful, flexible, easy to use mobile sales app for distributors with growing needs- iSales 100.

Contact us at info@xkzero.com or 847-416-2009, we can help you create a mobile plan that works for you.


Recommending Mobile ERP Sales – Recognizing Industry Differences


If you are an ERP software consultant or VAR you will increasingly be asked to provide guidance for mobile sales applications.  So it’s important to have a good point of reference for your client and prospect needs, because as Deloitte says in a recent publication: “The bottom line on mobile commerce is this: If you don’t do it, someone else will.”

If you want to know who among your customers may benefit most from mobile ERP sales apps start by identifying clients in industries with a history using mobile technologies and engage in conversations with them about what they would expect from modern mobile ERP sales apps.  By simply reaching out to certain types of clients you will learn much about how mobility can make a difference in increasing sales, winning new business and improving the profits of a distribution – centric business.

Companies who have historically invested in mobile sales apps include Food & Beverage, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Uniform and Linen Supply, Pharmaceutical Supply, Medical Supply, Office Supply, Building / Industrial Supply and so on.  Keep in mind that many of these businesses are using legacy applications with limited integration and flexibility, and usually are running hardware that is either obsolete or very expensive to replace.

Once you are into this process you will find varying needs depending on micro-vertical industries. Food can mean a lot – but if you are in bread/baking the needs of those companies will differ from those delivering ice cream or other frozen products.  Companies selling coffee will have different concerns from those selling beer, wine and spirits. If you are selling water, your needs will be different from those selling snack foods. And so on.

Need help differentiating what might be important to one industry over another?  Contact xkzero for a mobile sales needs requirements checklistinfo@xkzero.com

See you out there.

Paul Ziliak, co-founder, xkzero


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