Is iSales 100 Version 3 the Most Flexible Mobile Sales App? — You Decide

iSales 100: Meeting Unique and Individual Mobile Sales Needs

iSales 100: Meeting Unique and Individual Mobile Sales Needs



As xkzero rolls out iSales 100 version 3, we continue to be true to our commitment to build the most flexible and powerful platform to automate mobile ERP, allowing you to realize your mobile vision of better customer collaboration, better empowered sales reps and a newly heightened reality of customer satisfaction.

iSales 100 is anchored by a native integration. We built our own high performance web services specifically for Sage 100 ERP, the business software that after 30 years is still the most widely used and best known system for companies who’ve outgrown Quickbooks or other starter systems.

iSales 100′s flexibility is managed directly in Sage 100 ERP. What that means for you is that it looks and behaves like all of the other Sage 100 ERP modules you already own. No fancy terminology. No complicated installations. You won’t need an IT department or technical consultants to set up or manage iSales 100. Within that module you can create almost any rule imaginable to provide each user with the best, most personalized mobile experience possible.

Here are some of the new controls you can create for each user with iSales 100 version 3:

  • What types of transactions does the user have permission to create? Orders, quotes, invoices, credit memos? You decide.
  • Should that user’s orders be automatically placed on hold in Sage 100 ERP? You decide.
  • How about signatures? Do you want that person to be able to obtain signatures? You decide.
  • Should that user be able to add a new customer on-the-fly from their mobile device? You decide.
  • Modify the ship to address, or override the salesperson getting credit for the sale? You decide.
  • Display only Customer Memos for this user, or allow them to also add a Sales Order memo (into the very same memo function you already maintain in Sage 100 ERP)? You decide.
  • What if the user…is one of your customers? Should this customer use iSales 100 as a mobile B2B sales app?
  • Have you set up enough protection over sensitive data in order to feel comfortable trusting the useror trust yourselvesto risk giving them all the information accessible on an app (instead of more limited data access on a website or via phone call)? You decide.
  • What about customer purchase history? How many months back will you be able to access, or will you always have to wade through15 years of data? You decide.

There are many more decision points built into iSales 100 and each one of those options is designed to ensure that your user—whether he or she is a salesperson, executive, customer service rep, or even your distribution customer—gets the best possible experience from their mobile app.

Now, just two short years after xkzero first pioneered native iOS sales apps for the Sage North American market, an increasing number of choices are available. This is a good thing. It means you have the opportunity as consumers to evaluate who has the most powerful, easiest to use, and flexible sales app that a distributor, manufacturer, or other type of business could hope for. You get to decide.

A free download of the app is available on our website.  Login is Demo and the password is password.

For even more information about xkzero and iSales 100, or to schedule a personalized demonstration please contact your Sage business partner, email us at or call us at 847-416-2009.



How to Transform an ERP System from Record Keeper to Business Driver


Guest Blogger: Joanna Rotter is the Content Marketing Specialist for MSI Data, a leader in field force automation software and creator of the enterprise field service app, Service Pro. Connect with Joanna via email at

Enterprise technologies are becoming more and more integrated and connected. Turning software into an all-in-one system can move a business forward.

Mobile Measurement Tools

Mobile Measurement Tools

Historically, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems only served database storage and business accounting needs. While these are still essentials in an ERP, today’s business software demands extend to integrated technology, so the best providers now support companies beyond the accounting department. When customers research ERP systems worthy of investment, they also expect them to accommodate service, sales, CRM, and other functions.

Why Changing Business Software is Good for ERP Providers

The connection between industry operations and accounting management isn’t anything new. Production and financial management have always been inextricably linked in any business. Whether its core focus is manufacturing, distribution, contracting, telecommunications or services, company leaders typically recognize the need to address accounting and common operational function management within a single integrated system wherever possible.

This call for integrated systems, while a change and a challenge for typical ERP providers, opens up a range of opportunities for connections and partnerships with other software companies. ERP providers can take advantage of the call for greater connectivity by partnering with software developers focusing on various industries to offer customers all-in-one solutions that perform an array of integrated functions to meet specialized needs.

ERP and Business Operations Systems: Better Together

In an increasingly competitive market, forging customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships are growing concerns for companies in a variety of industries. This is why all departments in an organization need to work together to form a unified front.

For example, many service-focused organizations now recognize the service department itself as a ‘company within the company.’ This means extending leadership and decision-making autonomy to employees working in this area, so they may operate as a profit center and better set themselves apart with exceptional service delivery.

No longer only reactionary, in these cases, the service department can now be tasked with becoming a critical driver of new revenue and curator of existing customer accounts. That means taking on many new roles and responsibilities, including sales, estimating, and even public relations. With these additional demands, service departments need their own software system that can integrate with the ERP so the sales and revenue initiated in their department is immediately accessible to accounting personnel and vice versa.


Service Pro Web Portals

What to Look for in a Mobile Partner

ERP systems function and exist within the confines of an office building. But many industries, like field service, are inherently mobile, thus require mobile software to integrate with their ERP system.

In order to give customers the best of both worlds, ERP providers can integrate with an industry-specific mobile application. When choosing the best mobile apps to connect with an ERP system, consider the following:

  • Is it cross-platform? Some customers are open to using the best device or mobile operating platform for the job. Others prefer not to be limited by a single option.
  • Does it run native? Mobile workers often work in areas without cell reception. You want to make sure the app still works when they’re offline.
  • Is it cloud-based? Cloud-based software allows companies to purchase software as a service, while easing the ability to share data and provide IT support.
  • Does it improve communication between in-office and mobile workers? You want the application to automatically connect back-office and field workers to save time and keep everyone in the loop.
  • Does it have data collection, storage, and analysis capabilities? Data-driven decisions are better than educated guesses, and real-time data is better than month-old data. Be sure your app provider delivers data that helps improve business decisions.
  • Can it schedule and send alerts to a mobile workforce? Employees who work off-site may need to be able to schedule appointments with specified instructions and receive changes on the fly.

Drive your business forward with the right software partners.
Businesses are learning that both administrative automation and software integration are necessary to compete in an increasingly connected workplace. Conduct a thorough and organized software selection and implementation process for targeted industries and realize the benefits of an integrated business strategy.

About MSI: MSI develops enterprise, scheduling and mobile software that helps companies improve the productivity of their field workforce and replace paper and disconnected spreadsheet-based business processes by automating field service, inspections, site surveys, audits, reporting and other critical field-driven business processes. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, MSI field workforce software applications are easy to acquire, easy to deploy and deliver enterprises with rapid return on investment. To learn more, please visit

Are you looking for the right integrated, mobile ERP solution for you or your customers? Please contact xkzero at or 847-416-2009.
Also, to find more about our mobile offerings, visit our website at

xkzero Mobile Commerce–Automated Sales and Direct Store Delivery

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

xkzero, a Chicago-based software developer, today released the general availability of its new mobile sales and delivery application, xkzero Mobile Commerce. Mobile Commerce is designed for companies with direct store delivery (DSD) type requirements, and automates vehicle loading and scheduling, route and driver/sales rep assignments, pre-sales, delivery, product exchanges, returns, truck transfers and payments.

Equip your drivers for success

Equip your drivers for success

Paul Ziliak, co-founder of xkzero made the announcement from the floor of the FMI Connect/Interbev 2014 tradeshow in Chicago, attended by approximately 15,000 food and beverage-related industry professionals, many of whom rely on the DSD that xkzero Mobile Commerce serves. DSD is especially relevant to manufacturers and distributors of bread and baked goods, fresh produce, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, milk, dairy and ice cream, salty snacks, beer, wine and spirits, and prepared foods.

“Other industries will need this technology, too. We expect to serve any company with a dispersed sales force—and especially those that deliver their own products. xkzero Mobile Commerce has the tools for best-in-class sales, delivery and customer service, and is instrumental to building brand loyalty. As a product that is already live with a large distribution and delivery company, we are already seeing the results–xkzero Mobile Commerce is a sales and profit generating machine,” said Ziliak.

xkzero Mobile Commerce is a native iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) application which allows for offline processing. Technology highlights include signature capture, geo-coded transactions and the ability to print documents such as invoices and proof of delivery forms. Custom survey functionality is another standout feature built into xkzero Mobile Commerce. It enables companies to create their own forms to automate vehicle inspections, gather retail and competitive intelligence, and survey customers. Also, any survey question can include a photo with tags. Reports can then be run on survey data–including photo tags–to target any customer, competitor, or operational information desired.

xkzero Mobile Commerce was engineered to integrate with Sage ERP X3 and will support other Sage ERPs such as Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP. Ziliak said, “Everything about the design was built with the manufacturer and distributor in mind, including the ability to plug it in to any ERP or accounting system. Although xkzero is a certified Sage developer, our company can create solutions for other ERP markets, too.”

About xkzero
xkzero provides Mobile ERP leadership and supply chain optimization for small and mid-sized distribution and manufacturing companies. Specializing in Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP, xkzero’s published apps include iSales 100, GetX Universal Search for Sage 100 ERP and now xkzero Mobile Commerce.