Why you should have a mobile sales app for your business

Not a fax machine, price sheet or product catalog in site.

No fax machine, price sheet or product catalog in sight.


Does your current sales process include a fax machine, pre-printed forms (multi-part forms!), printed product catalogues, or price sheets? If you can get past the competition and land a sale using with such antiquated tools, do you have to pass along the order to a customer service rep to re-enter the data into your order management system?

The above scenario almost sounds silly these days. The simple reason you should have a mobile sales app for your business is because it makes the whole process more convenient. Every step of the way.

Using a mobile sales app, your company ends up with a better-informed workforce that is more confidently equipped to do business with whomever, whenever—whereever. Mobile sales apps not only accelerate your supply chain, which gets you paid faster, but they also reduce administrative costs.

You may ask, “If I spend money on a mobile app, how can I be sure it’s more convenient than current tools?” Valid question. Think about it for a minute. Consider the role of the smart phone in your personal life. Why do we rely so much on our mobile devices? We use a smart phone because it is the most convenient way to access information these days.

Using a mobile device from any location sure beats waiting until you’re hunkered down at the office, at a designated desk, on a computer.

In our personal lives we turn to our smart phones for content and data like music, Facebook, Instagram, photos, email, Draft Kings, YouTube, Twitter, and texting. We look up maps and restaurant menus, order tickets for sporting events and concerts, compare prices at local and online merchants, register for personal enrichment classes and college courses—and even access children’s grades and homework assignments.

It’s about content and data. Real, live business data that you can access and on which you can take action on immediately. Interact with customers and the back office, about really important stuff—like closing new business or serving a customer. Do all of this right from the phone in your pocket or purse.

So, when you ask the question about the convenience of a mobile device, really think about it. Consider how much more efficient your sales and customer service team can be when they are empowered with rich information about your customers right in their pockets, too.

Your team will be able to quickly access content like how much a customer owes. They’ll have access to data about shipments-in-transit, and orders you owe customers. They can smartly respond to opportunities to quote a prospect. Or respond to a customer who wants to know if such and so product is in stock. They’ll be able to provide customer pricing. They can show off a product photo, or provide specs on the fly.

On a more exciting level, would it be great to be ready to accept a customer payment from any location?

Our smart phones provide all kinds of ways to interact with our friends, family and conduct personal business. But when it comes to your business, shouldn’t your smart phone be doing more for you and your customers?

Smart phone. Smart sales team.






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Paul Ziliak, co-founder of xkzero has helped conceive and launch mobile sales and delivery automation apps for smart phones and tablets. Designed for mid-sized and growing manufacturers and distributors, the xkzero brand apps leverage the power of popular back-end ERP and accounting systems. A registered CPA and former auditor, Paul has spent 20 years designing and implementing ERP and accounting solutions using Sage 100, Sage 500 and Sage X3 in industries such as food and beverage, wholesale distribution, and numerous discrete manufacturing environments. Paul lives in Chicago and is a married father of three sons. An active leader in Illinois CPA Society networking events, Paul has also coached youth baseball since 2007. Websites: www.xkzero.com Blog: www.erpappsblog.com Social media handles: @PaulZiliak @erp_apps