Top 10 Reasons to Include GetX in Every Sage 100 ERP System



GetX provides a whole new way of thinking about your system. Using this tool, you enter data first, then GetX takes you wherever you need to go. We broke down the benefits during a Webinar to introduce GetX for Sage 100 ERP to Sage business partners. Here, we pass them along to you:

Top 10 Reasons to Include GetX in Every Sage 100 ERP System:

  1. Free-30 day trial for anyone
  2. Installation and set-up done in 15 minutes
  3. Won’t break any customizations or 3rd party code
  4. Supports Sage 100 ERP versions 4.5 to 2015
  5. Reduces time to perform almost any look-up
  6. Increases every user’s confidence in Sage 100 ERP
  7. Major competing products, from Quickbooks to Netsuite to Epicor to Sage X3 to SAP, already have GetX-like search.
  8. Free install assistance always
  9. Price is about 25 cents per user per day.
  10. Everyone already knows how to use it.

Top 10 Reasons to use GetX


To learn more, here is the full recording of the Webinar, “An Introduction to GetX.” (52:46)

Lastly, here’s the 11th and most important reason to include GetX with every Sage 100 client opportunity—new, upgrade or anyone: Customers love it!

Here is what several customers and xkzero business partners have said about GetX:

“My client loves it to death.”

“If your client wants to look up something quickly…use GetX.”

“You should include (GetX) on every deal.”


“I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. This solves everything I didn’t like about Sage 100.”

“This is a killer app.”

“Put us on the list of pumped up resellers!”

“We have a client who is hot to trot and ready to buy GetX today.”

“I would describe this as a game changer.”

“I don’t know what I would do without GetX at this point.”

“We rely on it heavily in our customer service area.”

If you are not getting the information you need out of your ERP, you need GetX!!! It puts every bit of your information at your finger tips in an easy search format. The fun begins when you start figuring out how many ways it will save you money!!!!

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