6 Reasons To Equip Your Team With Mobile Sales Apps Now

Sure, you could wait. You could wait just like some companies waited before purchasing their first PC, their first network, their first integrated accounting software/ERP system, their first website. Or, you could not wait, and actually move ahead of the competition.

Ready, or waiting?

Ready, or waiting?

There is no shortage of benefits to having mobile sales apps. If you equip yourself now you will stand out from the competitionand perhaps win more business because of it. Here are some good reasons to provide your team with a mobile sales app now:

  1. I can have an app that is stable, dependable, and continues to work for me when I am offline.
  2. I spend time in front of customers who have the authority to place an order with me. Wouldn’t I want to be able to do that any time, regardless of where I am?
  3. My app will follow all my pricing rules.
  4. I would like to know my inventory status, even on Saturday, even in the fishing boat.
  5. I want to have an auto-populated and accurate phone and address book tied into a map, email, calendar and phone. I can have that. Straight from my ERP.
  6. I sell at trade shows.

Sage is set to debut its inaugural sales app in about two weeks and we are excited to see what they have to offer. xkzero will release version 2.0 of its mobile sales app for Sage 100 ERP in the same timeframe.

Are you readyor will you keep waiting?

*UPDATE* Sage mobile solutions and xkzero’s iSales 100 (version 2) are now available.