Mobile ERP Sales App En Español: iSales 100 for Sage 100 ERP

One of the great advantages of iSales 100 for Sage 100 ERP is its ability to accommodate multiple languages. We are happy to offer our mobile ERP sales app en español. Because iSales 100 is a native iOS application, users can set their language preferences on the phone with the tap of just a few buttons. Web apps and customer portals just don’t have this same ease of flexibility.


Una de las grandes ventajas de iSales mobile ERP sales app en español: iSales 100 logo100 para Sage 100 ERP es la capacidad para acomodar múltiples idiomas. Ya que iSales 100 es una aplicación nativa de iOS, los usuarios pueden configurar sus preferencias de idioma en el teléfono con el toque de sólo unos pocos botones. Aplicaciones de Web y portales de clientes simplemente no tienen la misma flexibilidad.

iSales 100 actualmente está disponible en Inglés y Español, pero si desea utilizar iSales en su idioma preferido, simplemente avísenos!


iSales 100 is currently available in English and Spanish, but if you’d like to use iSales in another preferred language, please let us know! Download your free trial from the Apple app store now and test out language preferences for yourself!

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xkzero builds solutions designed for the best possible user experience, engineered in a flexible way to accommodate the needs of each individual and we adapt to the precise business rules that can vary industry by industry, company by company.

xkzero can help you discover a whole new dimension of selling, operations and business intelligence. We focus on the way your people interact with customers and suppliers, and interact with each other. We can help you change the way your business processes and reports business activity as it happens.

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What Do You Want from a Mobile Sales App?



What do you want from a mobile sales app?  If you haven’t answered that question yet, it’s likely your smart phone (or your tablet, or your Apple watch) has zero information about customers, inventory—or anything about your business that can make you and your team more nimble and better informed.

Most of us have no lifeline to our business—other than email—when we’re physically away from the office.

But here’s the thing—some companies actually do have all kinds of valuable business information in their pockets. They empower employees with everything they might possibly want to know about their customers, products, and even financials. These professionals have everything essential to their businesses—right in their pockets.

Employees of those companies can answer pretty much anything a customer or another team member might ask about an account, or about product or service. Any time. And with confidence.

That’s true whether they are on the road, at a customer site, at a tradeshow or conference, at the home office, or even on vacation. Those people are better prepared, better informed, and more able to serve the customer.

You can have that, too. To get started, all you need to do is answer this question: What do you want from a mobile sales app?

Driver and Technology

Driver and Technology


Having a hard time figuring out how to introduce mobile into your business? Want to grow your distributor or manufacturing company with mobile sales and other ERP system technology? We can help and we’d love to hear from you! or 847.416.2009 or @erp_apps or Paul Ziliak @PaulZiliak

No Brainer Reason #1 to Justify a Mobile ERP Sales App

By Paul Ziliak, co-founder xkzero



No brainer Reason #1 justifying a mobile ERP sales app might not even immediately jump to most people’s mind:

  • Be able to assign a new territory to a sales rep, then in minutes have them download an app, login, and instantly have all of their customers and contacts, complete with phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses right at their fingertips.  This is preferable to assigning the territory, then have the rep spend weeks or even months manually cobbling together an address book on their phone–and hoping they keyed everything accurately.

If you are a sales rep en route to visit a client, there’s a chance that you could get stuck behind a pile-up on the highway or encounter other unforeseen circumstances that have you running late. With a mobile sales app, there’s no need to have a heart attack wondering if the client’s (correct) phone number is in your address book, though. Staying calm is important! Remember, a confident salesperson is a successful salesperson!

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