Optimizing Sage 100 ERP with xkzero Technical Services

by Alnoor Cassim


Some of you may only think of xkzero as the people behind the cool iSales mobile app or the creators of GetX, the mind blowing search application for Sage 100 ERP. Actually, our capabilities and talents extend way beyond these better known areas of expertise. Yes, we have a core focus of getting customers mobile, but that’s only one of the many ways xkzero helps Sage partners and customers translate their business visions into Sage 100 ERP solutions.  xkzero

As the new director of xkzero Technical Services, it is my goal to make sure you are aware of our capabilities. I’ll be using the xkzero Digest and blog over time as a forum to illustrate how we can help you. To start, here’s a list of our offerings:

  • Sage 100 ERP enhancements (ProvideX custom modifications)
  • Custom Office scripting to enhance and extend Sage 100 ERP capabilities
  • Training: Custom Office scripting (2-day intensive class)
  • Training: Connecting external apps and scripts to Sage 100 ERP using the Business Object Interface (BOI)
  • Instruction: Sage 100 ERP Premium (SQL) (classes)
  • SQL projects and services:
    • Stored procedures and views
    • SSIS/DTS packages
    • Replication and mirroring
    • Reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • iOS (Apple mobile) custom apps for Sage 100 ERP
  • Advanced Crystal Reports
  • Perform Logic to enhance and extend Visual Integrator capabilities
  • Troubleshooting and debugging services:
    • Advanced technical support: Sage 100 ERP errors and issues
    • Advanced technical support: Sage 100 ERP Premium (SQL)
    • Troubleshooting and diagnostics: network and operating system issues, working with IT teams
  • Sage 100 ERP custom integrations with WMS systems, CRM systems, HRMS systems, and other applications:
    • BOI
    • SData
    • ProvideX
    • xkzero Web Services
  • eBusiness Manager expanded services
  • .NET applications and ASP web development

Please keep an eye out for invitations to upcoming events that will showcase our capabilities. We welcome your partnership, and we hope you’ll consider making xkzero Technical Services part of your solutions arsenal for Sage 100 ERP.

Contact us at info@xkzero.com or 847-416-2009.


xkzero Hires New Director for Sage 100 ERP Technical Services

Chicago, IL (December 3, 2014)—

Chicago-based software developer xkzero today announced the hiring of Alnoor Cassim as director of technical services. Cassim will serve a leadership role in xkzero Technical Services, a new initiative that provides technical services, custom software development and advanced system support for Sage 100 ERP business partners and end user customers.

Alnoor-LinkedInImage“Alnoor has an unparalleled reputation throughout the Sage community to solve complex business and technology problems,” said Paul Ziliak, xkzero co-founder.

“Beyond his high level technical acumen, Alnoor is known for his professionalism and an incredibly generous nature when working with other Sage business partners. His leadership will help companies grow by maximizing their business systems capabilities using the most advanced technologies in our industry,” said Ziliak.

Cassim will direct an experienced and growing team offering solutions and services to the Sage VAR/business partner community and end user companies. Offerings will include custom ProvideX programming, custom mobile ERP development, diagnosis, scripting, BOI, SQL programming, and system integrations with SData and xkzero Web Services, .NET and ASP web development.

“I’ve had my eye on xkzero for the last several years. I am passionate about growing businesses, identifying and creating solutions to streamline processes, improve productivity, and increase profitability. Few other companies have invested like xkzero has in the development of new technologies such as mobile, web services and universal search,” Cassim said.

Cassim said, “Having these leading edge tools along with traditional resolute services like .NET, scripting, SQL development, integrations, and hardware will unquestionably help grow Sage business partners and their customers. I’m definitely looking forward to this and very excited!”

Cassim spent nearly 15 years as Senior Customer Support Engineer for Sage North America, specializing in the Sage 100 ERP product. As a sole proprietor since 2009, Cassim has also been an integral part of the 90 Minds Consulting Group, a nationwide collective of primarily Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90/200) consultants. Beyond consulting and development, he has provided classroom and webinar training on scripting, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, and advanced technical support techniques.

About xkzero:
xkzero is a mobile app developer and provides advanced technical services, programming, development, support and consulting services to other Sage Partners and resellers for Sage 100 ERP, Sage ERP X3 and Sage 500 ERP. xkzero has a long history of working well with other Sage Resellers providing outsource services to supplement their current team. xkzero’s applications include iSales 100, xkzero Mobile Commerce, GetX Search for Sage 100 ERP, and EBM 100. xkzero delivers technology solutions that are easy to deploy and have a powerfully positive impact on the bottom line of small and mid-sized businesses.