What a Mad Man might have said about mobile



By the end of his career, legendary ad man (and one of the inspirations for the long-running television series Mad Men), the late Julien Koenig, understood the essence of advertising and marketing with a clarity with which few can compare.

  • Earth Day
  • Think Small
  • It Takes A Licking and Keeps On Ticking
  • Lemon

Think Small was named Ad Age Magazine’s top ad campaign of the 20th century.  At a time when American’s were driving large sedans and muscle cars - all American made – Koenig got them buying a tiny vehicle.  A vehicle with no pizzaz, designed and built in what was Nazi Germany only about 15 years prior.

With two words he changed the way people consumed automobiles, and built an incredible legacy of brand loyalty to the Volkswagen Beetle.  Think Small.

Now there are two word that can change your small or medium sized business like never before – technology guaranteed to save you time and labor, reduce or eliminate errors, improve accountability, increase customer satisfaction, make your fellow worker dudes much happier – and be very lucrative for your company.

An app.

Bring clarity to your sales growth plans.  In the next post we’ll talk about why thinking small can be a great way to start.



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