iSales 100 User Training Overview

This 21-minute video demonstrates the basics of iSales 100 mobile sales app for Sage 100 ERP. We hope this serves as a helpful iSales 100 training primer for all the app users on your team.

Topics include:

  • Getting Started (0:00)
    Download the app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Log in. Synchronize data.
  • Accessing Customers and Contacts (2:42)
    Search for customers, and all contacts at a company. View contact info and access maps. Call or email customers. View and sort history and open orders.
  • Accessing Inventory Items (7:05)
    Search by item, using customized filters. View product images. See stock availability.
  • Processing Transactions (9:21)
    Initiate a new transaction. Select transaction type (i.e. sales order, quote, invoice), date, PO number, and shipping info. Create memo. Add items to the order. Add signature. Calculate totals. View transaction in shopping cart. Edit, print, or email order.
  • Synchronizing Transactions (16:17)
    Sync select transactions or all data. (Empties shopping cart and sends data to Sage 100 ERP system.)
  • Creating Hot Lists (16:51)
    Create lists in customer, contact, or item categories.
  • Resetting the Device (19:42)
    Clear iSales 100 data. Login as new user. Sync all to restore data.

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