Getting Started with Mobile ERP

Mobile ERP does not have to require a large investment to get started

Get started with Mobile ERP. No large investment required.


Let’s disrupt our industry by doing what no one else is doing!
Mobile ERP is one way to enable a complete shift in the way you do business. Creating that brand new experience will take investment and creativity, starting with a serious business process re-engineering evaluation.

Upgrading the entire way your company operates will take time, and requires the full commitment of ownership, management and ERP users. Also, be prepared to make an investment relative to the expected value you hope to generate.

Meanwhile, there are some small things you can do to impact your culture immediately, and prepare the path for a greater mobile ERP transformation ahead.

Start Small.

Begin with some mobile basics. Is your goal is to equip users with access to customer inquiries, inventory inquiries, business intelligence (BI), key performance indicators (KPIs), graphs, reports, and alerts? If so, you may be well served by straight off-the-app-store solutions; download, add login and password, and use. Most major software publishers are regularly making simple and straightforward productivity enhancer apps available on a regular basis.

Save Time.
For example, when you hire a new salesperson,  with a mobile customer app, they can be up and running and bringing in new revenue in no time. Simply issue them a smart phone, and once they download an app, they have instant access to all of the customers in their territory, complete with contact information, sales history, and so on.

By comparison, upon hire, one without a mobile sales app may need to accurately enter each and every one of those contacts and companies into their an address book that links between their phone and a computer-based contact app. This is not only time consuming, but allows for human error.

Empower Employees.
Getting started with mobile ERP, one app at a time, will put your company on track to building a more confident, better informed workforce. Your new employees will more quickly acclimate to their job responsibilities and become integral parts of the team in no time.

The ease of use and access to information afforded with a mobile ERP inevitably energizes employees, and spark positive changes in your culture. This can help set the stage for your grander vision of system-wide mobile integration.

When you are ready to transform your business with mobile ERP, a packaged app may not suffice.

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