How to Install and Set Up GetX Search for Sage 100 ERP

Installing and setting up GetX Search for Sage 100 ERP is a very straight forward process and can be performed successfully by anyone familiar with typical Sage 100 ERP installation procedures. Allow just 15-20 minutes to complete all the steps.

Prerequisites to installing GetX:

  1. Get administrative access to the server where Sage 100 ERP is installed.
  2. Obtain a network login and password and a Sage 100 ERP login and password. You need both of these logins to set up the indexing engine post-install. Make sure they have passwords that do not change frequently. Also, both logins should have administrative rights.
  3. Ensure your server meets the requirements of Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher. Most servers current with MS service updates will already satisfy this need.

Instructional Video

Here is an instructional video (4 minutes 47 seconds in length) that shows all the steps needed to install and set up GetX Search for Sage 100 ERP. In case you didn’t know that Sage 100 ERP used to be called both MAS 90 and MAS 200, when the video says “MAS 90,” it means “Sage 100 ERP.”


Keys to a successful installation of GetX:

  1. Download the appropriate version from (It supports Sage 100 ERP Versions 2017 back to 4.5 and the installer will work with Sage 100c, including Standard, Advanced and Premium versions)
  2. Install GetX like any other Sage 100 ERP module. (This must be performed on the Sage 100 ERP server.)
  3. Activate the GetX Module in Company Maintenance for each company for which you wish to perform data searches.
  4. Visit Role Maintenance and make appropriate settings for user role groups.
  5. Visit Modules/GetX /Setup/System Settings. Make any changes to the defaults, as appropriate, and click on “Register” to obtain your initial 30-day free license.
  6. Visit Modules/GetX/Setup/GetX Setup Wizard. Make any changes to the defaults as appropriate.
  7. Browse the ..\MAS90\GX folder and run GetXIndexService.exe. Right-click and select “Run as administrator.” Enter valid network login and password.
  8. Set the timer to indicate how frequently you wish to index data. Run the initial indexing.

Note: The initial indexing may take some time, potentially an hour or more, depending on the size of your database and the caliber of your server. Subsequent indexing will take place silently, behind the scenes by setting up the timer during the installation process.

If, for any reason, you need to remove the software, find instructions for uninstalling GetX here.

We believe that people perform best when they are confident, informed, and have a high level of trust in the tools they use. xkzero builds solutions designed for the best possible user experience, engineered in a flexible way to accommodate the needs of each individual and adaptable to the precise business rules that can vary industry by industry, company by company. If you find us failing to deliver on that, please let us know!

You’re now ready to use GetX and start saving time! Contact us at or 847-416-2009 with any questions!

When You Know What You're Looking For.

GetX – When You Know What You’re Looking For

A new fountain of youth (Webinar)


“Like a kid on Christmas morning I tried it last night.  This solves everything I didn’t like about Sage 100″

Sage 100 discovers the fountain of youth?

Sage 100 discovers the fountain of youth?

Whether you’re old enough to remember navigating the internet before Google and Yahoo or not, you’re certainly young enough to imagine how much better Sage 100 could be with the power of total search-ability.

That time is now.

xkzero cordially invites you to join us to learn how one simple add-on to Sage 100 will change the experience for every single user, forever.

Search virtually everything and anything – across companies and across modules – using words, numbers, phrases, combinations, wildcards, date ranges, right within Sage 100. Click and browse straight to what you’re looking for.

Guaranteed to improve customer service, resolve disputes, improve workflow – and reduce training costs.

Who benefits most? Those who use it most.  REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR NOW

GetX – Universal search for Sage 100 by xkzero installs in 15 minutes, works with versions 2016 back to version 4.5, and won’t break any customizations. GetX even searches User Defined Fields (UDFs), Extended Item Descriptions, transaction details lines, Memos and much much more.

Controllers love it. AP clerks love it. Receptionists love it. Executives love it. Sales reps love it. Managers love it. Operations love it. Newbies love it. Power users love it.

Join our webinar Wednesday March 2 at 11 am CST to see for yourself – and to learn how to claim your FREE 30-day, no obligation trial copy of GetX by xkzero. It’s the single most powerful button in Sage 100. Ever.

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Restricting a Company from Search Results with GetX

Any number of reasons may lead you to wish for the search results of GetX Search for Sage 100 ERP to no longer appear in your browser. Perhaps the company is no longer active, or has been sold. Or maybe it’s an archive company and you only want results from your new live company to appear.

No problem. To disable search results for a single company, access that company code within Sage 100 ERP, choose GetX for Sage 100 ERP / Setup / GetX Setup Wizard and de-select the box labeled “Enable Search Results for Company.” That’s it.

Disable GetX for a single company

The Cost of Finding Duplicate Anything in Sage 100 ERP

Have you looked lately at the price of some of the off-the-shelf add-ons for Sage 100 ERP?

Some can be a bit…well, pricey.

Example: The image below shows the capabilities of one company’s Sage Preferred Development Partner add-on for Sage 100 ERP. Like hundreds of other customizations offered by one of a dozen or so companies that provide and create extra functionality for Sage 100, it solves only one very specific problem.

The particular problem solved in the example below, according to the company’s website, can be solved for an initial price of $2,080. Add $580 per year for maintenance and support.

The price for the software tallies out to $168 per user, per year. That assumes a 7-user Sage 100 ERP system over the course of 3 years.

What is the cost of finding duplicate anything in Sage 100?

What is the cost of finding duplicate anything in Sage 100?


What does this company’s add-on help you do? It gets rid of any duplicate customer records in the ERP.

Right on. Clean data sounds like a good customer service goal to us.

However, we have our own universal search tool that solves way more than one problem. On the subject of duplicate elimination alone, GetX by xkzero searches for duplicate anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

The price is $90 per user per year. That’s twenty-five cents per day.


To search for duplicate A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

GetX is not just about locating duplicate whatever-you-want-to-find. It will change the way you work.


Download your free trial today.



Top 10 Reasons to Include GetX in Every Sage 100 ERP System



GetX provides a whole new way of thinking about your system. Using this tool, you enter data first, then GetX takes you wherever you need to go. We broke down the benefits during a Webinar to introduce GetX for Sage 100 ERP to Sage business partners. Here, we pass them along to you:

Top 10 Reasons to Include GetX in Every Sage 100 ERP System:

  1. Free-30 day trial for anyone
  2. Installation and set-up done in 15 minutes
  3. Won’t break any customizations or 3rd party code
  4. Supports Sage 100 ERP versions 4.5 to 2015
  5. Reduces time to perform almost any look-up
  6. Increases every user’s confidence in Sage 100 ERP
  7. Major competing products, from Quickbooks to Netsuite to Epicor to Sage X3 to SAP, already have GetX-like search.
  8. Free install assistance always
  9. Price is about 25 cents per user per day.
  10. Everyone already knows how to use it.

Top 10 Reasons to use GetX


To learn more, here is the full recording of the Webinar, “An Introduction to GetX.” (52:46)

Lastly, here’s the 11th and most important reason to include GetX with every Sage 100 client opportunity—new, upgrade or anyone: Customers love it!

Here is what several customers and xkzero business partners have said about GetX:

“My client loves it to death.”

“If your client wants to look up something quickly…use GetX.”

“You should include (GetX) on every deal.”


“I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. This solves everything I didn’t like about Sage 100.”

“This is a killer app.”

“Put us on the list of pumped up resellers!”

“We have a client who is hot to trot and ready to buy GetX today.”

“I would describe this as a game changer.”

“I don’t know what I would do without GetX at this point.”

“We rely on it heavily in our customer service area.”

If you are not getting the information you need out of your ERP, you need GetX!!! It puts every bit of your information at your finger tips in an easy search format. The fun begins when you start figuring out how many ways it will save you money!!!!

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Summer: Sage Partner Webinars by xkzero

Have you set the bar to give your Sage clients mobile and search functionality?

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Summer Sage Business Partner Webinars by xkzero

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The Difference Between Autocomplete and GetX for Sage 100 ERP


As a Sage 100 ERP user, you store a lot of data in your system.

Often, you might need to quickly access a record in Sage 100 ERP for which you only know a small amount of information. The last name of your contact might come to mind, or something close to the company name might be at the tip of your tongue. Is it Astro Parts? Astroparts? Astronomical Parts? How do you retrieve the file, then, without precise phrasing or spelling of the customer info?
You can use Autocomplete, which is built into Sage 100 ERP. Or, you can use GetX universal search by xkzero. Here’s a quick comparison:

Autocomplete for Sage 100 ERP, according to Sage:

In Sage 100 ERP, Autocomplete simplifies the search for customer names, vendor names, or item descriptions in the corresponding customer number, vendor number, and item
code entry fields. When you type in those fields, a list of records matching the
entry appears—making it easy for you to select a record from the list.
Autocomplete in Sage 100 ERP (versus GetX by xkzero)

GetX for Sage 100 ERP by xkzero:

GetX can actually do more than Autocomplete. It enhances the retrieval of just about any data type within Sage 100 ERP. In fact, it’s pretty much like using Google* right in your Sage 100 system. Have a look.


Would you like a free 30-day trial of GetX for Sage 100 ERP to see how many system headaches universal search might resolve for you? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at @erp_apps, or at 847-416-2009.

* GetX by xkzero is neither Google, nor a Google product. It is a search engine and dream maker for Sage 100 ERP. That’s it.

Optimizing Sage 100 ERP with xkzero Technical Services

by Alnoor Cassim


Some of you may only think of xkzero as the people behind the cool iSales mobile app or the creators of GetX, the mind blowing search application for Sage 100 ERP. Actually, our capabilities and talents extend way beyond these better known areas of expertise. Yes, we have a core focus of getting customers mobile, but that’s only one of the many ways xkzero helps Sage partners and customers translate their business visions into Sage 100 ERP solutions.  xkzero

As the new director of xkzero Technical Services, it is my goal to make sure you are aware of our capabilities. I’ll be using the xkzero Digest and blog over time as a forum to illustrate how we can help you. To start, here’s a list of our offerings:

  • Sage 100 ERP enhancements (ProvideX custom modifications)
  • Custom Office scripting to enhance and extend Sage 100 ERP capabilities
  • Training: Custom Office scripting (2-day intensive class)
  • Training: Connecting external apps and scripts to Sage 100 ERP using the Business Object Interface (BOI)
  • Instruction: Sage 100 ERP Premium (SQL) (classes)
  • SQL projects and services:
    • Stored procedures and views
    • SSIS/DTS packages
    • Replication and mirroring
    • Reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • iOS (Apple mobile) custom apps for Sage 100 ERP
  • Advanced Crystal Reports
  • Perform Logic to enhance and extend Visual Integrator capabilities
  • Troubleshooting and debugging services:
    • Advanced technical support: Sage 100 ERP errors and issues
    • Advanced technical support: Sage 100 ERP Premium (SQL)
    • Troubleshooting and diagnostics: network and operating system issues, working with IT teams
  • Sage 100 ERP custom integrations with WMS systems, CRM systems, HRMS systems, and other applications:
    • BOI
    • SData
    • ProvideX
    • xkzero Web Services
  • eBusiness Manager expanded services
  • .NET applications and ASP web development

Please keep an eye out for invitations to upcoming events that will showcase our capabilities. We welcome your partnership, and we hope you’ll consider making xkzero Technical Services part of your solutions arsenal for Sage 100 ERP.

Contact us at or 847-416-2009.


Setting Up & Accessing Inventory from Sage 100 ERP with Mobile Sales


[Updated from original post of December 2013 to include new features.]

No more need to lug around heavy and outdated product catalogs. With Sage 100 ERP and iSales 100 by xkzero, confidently identify and make commitments about inventory from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The video below shows how to quickly assign only the inventory items or groups of items to access from out of the officeall managed natively in Sage 100 ERP, and
accessed from iSales 100. iSales 100 is native for the Apple mobile devices, meaning the data can be accessed any place, even without Internet connectivity. Beware, however, that quantity, pricing and other information are only as current as the most recent data synchronization.

In the latest version of iSales 100, we’ve expanded even further the ability to filter the inventory information visible on the mobile device. As shown in the image below, there are now options to filter by item type (Internet items only, regular items, miscellaneous charges, miscellaneous items and comments) and warehouse code, and to exclude “zero on-hand” and/or “zero available” items.

For more information about how you can grow your business by going mobile with Sage ERP, contact us at, or call 847-416-2009. And don’t forget to download iSales 100 from the Apple app store or off our website at

Steps to Uninstall GetX


At the conclusion of your trial period, if you choose to proceed without GetX for Sage 100 ERP, you can uninstall the application by following the steps below.

Looking for instructions to install GetX?  Click here.

After the basic steps, we have added some helpful notes, so please read all the way down.

To uninstall GetX, the steps are as follows:

1. First, you need to ensure that the Scheduled Task for indexing is removed.

NOTE: If you have never set up GetX for indexing, you can skip this step.

You can remove indexing as a Scheduled Task either through the Sage 100 server, or via Windows.

Sage 100 Server Option:
Log onto the Sage 100 server.
- Navigate to the GX folder where MAS90 is installed: …\MAS90\GX\Service\
- Right-click ‘GetXIndexingService.exe’ and ‘Run As Administrator’
- Under ‘Windows Service’ set the Schedule to ‘Never’ and hit ‘OK’

Windows Option:
- From Windows ‘START’ go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Tasks Scheduler
- Delete ‘GetXIndexingService’

2. Once the service is removed, you can remove the module like any other Sage 100 module.

To remove the GetX module from Sage 100, follow these steps:

a) From Sage Desktop go to Library Master > Company Maintenance

b) Select a company where GetX is Activated and hit ‘Remove.’ Check the box for GetX and then hit ‘Proceed.’ Repeat for all companies for which GetX is activated.

NOTE: The ‘Remove’ button is disabled for the company for which you are currently logged in. You may need to switch your user to another company.

c) Go to Library Master > Setup > System Configuration. Hit the ‘Uninstall’ button on upper right. Select ‘G/X’ and hit ‘Delete.’

To clean up any remaining files, remove the …\MAS90\GX folder.


***NOTE: On occasion, for reasons we don’t understand, Sage will not allow you to delete the company data for GetX even though you are not in that particular company.

At that point, the only thing to do is to manually delete the data. We recommend renaming the folder …\MAS90\MAS_ZZZ\GXZZZ (where ZZZ is the 3 letter company code). Then, if everything goes well you can delete it. This is simply a precaution.

Once this is done you should be able to Uninstall the module from System Configuration.

Please let us know if you have any further difficulties!

At xkzero, we believe that people perform best when they are confident, informed, and have a high level of trust in the tools they use. xkzero builds solutions designed for the best possible user experience, engineered in a flexible way to accommodate the needs of each individual and adaptable to the precise business rules that can vary industry by industry, company by company. If you ever find us failing to deliver on that, please let us know!

Contact us at or 847-416-2009 with any questions!