Lot-Serial Distribution from iSales 100 for Sage 100 ERP

Mobile sales automation for any distributor with Lot or Serial number tracking requirements (food and beverage companies—you know who you are) would not be complete without the ability to distribute those numbers when making a transaction.

Enter iSales 100 Version 4 by xkzero (set for release mid-June 2015). With iSales 100, Lot and Serial numbers can be allocated while entering Sales Orders, Invoices, or Credit Memos right from your iPhone or iPad. The results are better control of inventory, more accurate transaction processing, and more satisfied customers.

Look for our announcement coming soon with complete details on the release of iSales 100 version 4—the ultimate in power and flexibility for mobile sales automation with Sage 100 ERP.


Visit xkzero at Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans at booth 522.  

Sage Summit Booth 522: xkzeroAnd please be sure to add my two mobile talks in the Sage Summit Thought Leader series to your agenda:
TL-134 – Why mobile, why now?  A decision maker’s guide to business success.
TL-139: Disrupt your industry: Making your mobile dream a reality.

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Summer: Sage Partner Webinars by xkzero

Have you set the bar to give your Sage clients mobile and search functionality?

Set the bar for your clients with xkzero summer Webinars for Sage partners.

Summer Sage Business Partner Webinars by xkzero

Now is the time for you to set the bar for new and exciting sales opportunities. We invite Sage partners to join our summer Webinars to consider how xkzero’s innovative mobile sales and search applications will stretch the ways you influence your clients and contribute to their success.

Here is a list of upcoming summer Webinars designed to make you the go-to resource for all of your client’s mobile and innovation needs. These are all Sage business partner-only events.

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Are you aware of our summer promotions?  Contact your xkzero Account Representative or email us at info@xkzero.com for more information.

Join the fun this summer with xkzero! 


The Difference Between Autocomplete and GetX for Sage 100 ERP


As a Sage 100 ERP user, you store a lot of data in your system.

Often, you might need to quickly access a record in Sage 100 ERP for which you only know a small amount of information. The last name of your contact might come to mind, or something close to the company name might be at the tip of your tongue. Is it Astro Parts? Astroparts? Astronomical Parts? How do you retrieve the file, then, without precise phrasing or spelling of the customer info?
You can use Autocomplete, which is built into Sage 100 ERP. Or, you can use GetX universal search by xkzero. Here’s a quick comparison:

Autocomplete for Sage 100 ERP, according to Sage:

In Sage 100 ERP, Autocomplete simplifies the search for customer names, vendor names, or item descriptions in the corresponding customer number, vendor number, and item
code entry fields. When you type in those fields, a list of records matching the
entry appears—making it easy for you to select a record from the list.
Autocomplete in Sage 100 ERP (versus GetX by xkzero)

GetX for Sage 100 ERP by xkzero:

GetX can actually do more than Autocomplete. It enhances the retrieval of just about any data type within Sage 100 ERP. In fact, it’s pretty much like using Google* right in your Sage 100 system. Have a look.


Would you like a free 30-day trial of GetX for Sage 100 ERP to see how many system headaches universal search might resolve for you? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at @erp_apps, info@xkzero.com or at 847-416-2009.

* GetX by xkzero is neither Google, nor a Google product. It is a search engine and dream maker for Sage 100 ERP. That’s it.