7 New Ways to Empower Sales with Mobile ERP

Not too cold, not too hotbut just right. Not too hard, not too softbut just right. You’ve got to hand it to Goldilocks. She definitely knew what she wantedand what she didn’t want.

Some business owners hesitate equipping their teams with mobile sales apps, due to the belief that they have little or no control over sensitive ERP system data that may not be appropriate or even useful for the intended user. For example, some mobile sales apps provide access to too much inventory data, while some include too little data. With iSales 100 for Sage 100 ERP, we think xkzero gets it just right.

With iSales 100, business owners and sales managers can rest easy knowing that sensitive or potentially misleading inventory information will not get into the wrong hands. This is because iSales 100 can be quickly configured to empower your sales and customer service teams with the exact information needed–no more and no less–to be highly productive in the field.

You create individual user experiences for each person on your team by controlling the amount of information you publish on the app. Here are 7 great ways to limit data access per user, based on inventory rules built right into Sage 100 ERP:

  1. Filter by Warehouse
  2. Hide Pricing
  3. Hide Warehouse Quantities
  4. Purchase History: choose how far back in time
  5. Manage by Item Type: Internet only, regular items, miscellaneous charges, comments, miscellaneous items, finished goods, kits, raw materials, or discontinued
  6. Quantity Restrictions: omit based on zero on-Hand or zero-available
  7. Scanning Options: alias item number, customer alias or vendor alias

As an added bonus, iSales 100 even allows you to display up to 8 additional fields of your choice from the inventory item master file, including user defined fields (UDFs).

These filters can be applied to a specific user and company. Doing so could not be easier, as we built the check boxes and selections directly into familiar territoryyour Sage 100 ERP system. The two screen shots below illustrate how quickly and easily these settings can be made in “Remote User Maintenance,” within the native integration module included with iSales 100.

Item selections 1

Item selections 2


At xkzero, we believe that people perform best when they are confident, informed, and have a high level of trust in the tools they use. Maybe it’s time for your wholesale distribution business to start gearing up with mobile apps. If your ERP data tells the story of your customers and your inventory, shouldn’t you equip your team to have that information in their pockets?

Contact us at info@xkzero.com or 847-416-2009, we can help you create a mobile plan that works for you.